Countertop Edges

Divine Design Stone & Cabinetry offers a variety of edges for your new Countertop to enhance the look of your new kitchen or bathroom.

The edges, profiles, or finishes of the countertop of a kitchen or bath, like the colors, is one of the elements that most often determine its wear and looks over time. Once you choose one of our quality countertops, we can customize your kitchen even further by choosing the edges for your countertop.

Even though it seems like a minute detail, countertop edges can significantly enhance the style of your kitchen.

The edge of the countertop is determined by the section that will be on the edge that is visible. At Divine Design Stone & Cabinetry, we can create practically any type of edge for your stone countertop that appeals to you and the overall design.

Countertop Edges Profiles
Edge Profiles